CapVest Commercial Construction Services is a general contractor specializing in commercial property and retail facility construction. Our portfolio includes construction of multi-tenant apartment buildings, multi-tenant commercial buildings, and leasehold improvements in the Western Wisconsin area.

Our services are primarily provided in support of Capital Investment Partners business interests and select projects for outside owners. Many of the rental property communities managed by CapVest have been built by CapVest Commercial Construction Services.

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When would I work with CapVest Commercial Construction services?

The most common time consumers interact with CapVest Commercial Construction Services would be when they are leasing a commercial space through CapVest and a build-out or modification of the space is needed before their occupancy.

What kind of experience do you have?

CapVest Commercial Construction Services has successfully completed a wide range of multi-family residential developments and a variety of commercial and retail spaces. Our projects include specialized retail facilities, restaurants, brewery/winery, professional offices, service spaces with combination office and shop facilities, gym and wellness facilities, and more.

Does CapVest Commercial Construction Services build single family homes?

No, our construction division focuses on building commercial properties including new construction, renovation, and tenant improvements.